World News Briefs — October 1, 2017

Daily Mail: World leaders and the Pope condemn violence in Catalonia as Spanish prime minister claims riot police prevented illegal independence referendum after 844 protesters were hurt in crack down and fans were barred from attending Barcelona game

* Officers were seen storming buildings across Catalonia to seize ballot boxes and prevent voting
* The Spanish government in Madrid has declared the vote illegal and ordered it be shut down
* Separatists pledged to hold the referendum anyway and called on 5.3million eligible citizens to vote
* Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest against their votes being taken away
* Barcelona’s mayor said that at least 460 people had been injured in the clashes across Catalonia
* FC Barcelona is playing its match against Las Palmas ‘behind closed doors’ at an empty Nou Camp

World leaders have condemned the scenes of violence witnessed across Spain over the ‘illegal’ Catalan independence referendum after officials revealed that hundreds of protesters have been injured so far.

Hundreds of people have been hurt in the clashes with officers seen stamping and kicking protesters as they stormed buildings and seized ballot boxes.

Footage captured in the village of Sarria de Ter in the province of Girona showed authorities using an axe to smash down the doors of a polling station where Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was due to cast his vote.

And in Barcelona, the region’s capital, officers fired rubber bullets at thousands of protesters demonstrating against their votes being denied.


Thousands of Iraqis flee ISIS to Kurdish territory amid military offensive.

US-backed force tightens noose on IS-held Raqa hospital.

Syria’s war has deadliest month this year – monitor group. Syria’s deadliest month of 2017 claims 3,000 lives.

Syrian army, allies seize more of Jordanian frontier: report.

Kurds’ vote a step towards Mideast partition: Hezbollah.

Yemen rebels claim drone shot down near Sanaa.

Iran nuclear deal: Tehran expects US to ditch agreement, says FM.

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas to hold talks.

Egyptian officials in Gaza ahead of Palestinian unity talks.

North Korea vows to become ‘a state nuclear force’ and calls sanctions ‘futile’.

Australian warships heading to Korean peninsula amid rising military tensions.

North Korea: Rex Tillerson says US is ‘probing’ Pyongyang to see if it is interested in dialogue.

Trump says Rex Tillerson ‘wasting his time’ with North Korea negotiations.

U.S. gets warm words from China’s Xi ahead of Trump visit.

Pakistan’s Army chief concludes ‘constructive’ Afghan talks.

Rohingya join exodus from inland villages in Rakhine state to Bangladesh.

Afghan airstrike kills 10 security forces in Helmand: official.

Sri Lanka families search for victims eight years after civil war.

Cameroon’s English-speakers call for independence.

At least eight dead amid Cameroon Anglophone protests.

Cash crunch risks grounding UN air ops in Sudan.

Nigeria demands international support in fighting Boko Haram.

Nigeria president denounces Biafran separatists.

Nigeria’s military denies holding Biafra separatist leader Kanu.

UN says Libya rivals made progress in Tunis talks.

Benghazi port in Libya open again after 3 years.

Madagascar plague outbreak kills 24, triggering WHO fears.

Violence mars Catalonia independence vote, hundreds hurt. Hundreds injured as riot police storm Catalan referendum polling stations.

‘There was no independence referendum in Catalonia today’ – Spain PM .

Barcelona game to be played behind closed doors amid Catalan referendum unrest.

Catalan referendum: muted response from EU leaders over police crackdown.

Austrian ban on full-face veil in public places comes into force.

Neo-Nazis and anti-fascists clash in Sweden on Yom Kippur.

Italy says to expel North Korea envoy over nuclear, missile tests.

Ireland abortion law: Mass march in Dublin.

Norway agrees to host Israeli nuclear whistleblower.

U.S. lawmakers urge Trump to ‘get to work’ on Puerto Rico.

Colombia: ELN rebels begin historic truce with Santos government. Colombia rebel leader Nicolas Rodriguez stands down troops ahead of ceasefire.

Brazil’s Lula extends lead in 2018 vote despite graft conviction: poll.

Venezuela sees Iran, Syria riding to the rescue.

Supreme Court opens pivotal term with Trump nominee in place.

Some NFL players kneel again despite Trump’s fresh call for protests to end.

OJ Simpson freed to parole after 9 years for Vegas robbery.

Edmonton police investigate ‘acts of terrorism’ after officer stabbed, pedestrians run down.

Deadly knife attack at Marseille train station. Marseille train station attack: Two women stabbed to death, assailant shot dead by army.

SAS launch mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden’s son in Syria before he can copy his father and organise terror attacks against the West.

Rohingya crisis: ‘Persecution’ could be used by IS group to fight the West, Julie Bishop warns.

Oil market stars risk being dimmed by China’s mega refineries.

Citigroup to settle dispute with Lehman Brothers for $1.74 billion: Bloomberg.

Boeing unjustified in Bombardier row says James Brokenshire.