Someone In The U.S. Is Still Receiving A VA Pension From The Civil War

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Task & Purpose: 152 Years Later, The VA Is Still Paying Out A Pension From The Civil War

The Department of Veterans Affairs cuts a pension check check every month for $73.13 to Irene Triplett, an 87-year-old who lives in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Why? Because she is the living daughter of a Civil War veteran.

Though he fought in the war more than 152 years ago, Confederate-turned-Union soldier Moses Triplett didn’t father Irene until his second marriage, when he was 84 years old. He died in 1938, at age 92. Her mother, Elida, was 50 years his junior, and died in 1967, which Wall Street Journal first reported in 2014.

Triplett is the only person left still collecting a Civil War pension, which she receives as a result of Title 38 under the United States Code. The law says that all surviving spouses and children whose parents fought in the Civil War can continue receiving their loved one’s benefits payments.


WNU Editor: No …. the system is not being scammed. But this is a remarkable story …. that there is still someone who is alive in the U.S. today who can say that their father fought in the Civil War.