Secret Service To Conduct ‘Live Fire’ Exercises Near The White House

U.S. Secret Service agents keep watch from the roof of the White House in Washington. (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst) / Reuters
Washington Post: “Live Fire” exercise to be held near White House

Gunfire, involving live ammunition, will erupt Saturday near the White House and the Vice President’s residence in a test by the Secret Service.

The agency said it will run a “live fire” calibration of a system that makes it possible to determine exactly when and where shots are fired near the two high-security sites.

In the tests, which will run into early Sunday, shots will be fired into a “bullet trap,” an installation designed to prevent them from going astray. The trap has been tested and validated, according to the agency.

Shooting will be in three-shot increments, the Secret Service said.

From the description, it appears that the system will be similar to shot-spotter technology in use by the D.C. police.


WNU Editor: I guess they are taking advantage of the situation since President Trump is staying at Camp David this weekend …. Trump holds Camp David Cabinet meeting on Harvey (The Hill).