New cars unaffordable for most Americans, study points out

A median-income household cannot afford an average-priced new car in 24 out of the 25 largest US metropolitan areas, according to a study out...

Report: Diesel emissions far above legal limits, leading to 38,000 deaths a year

Diesel vehicles in almost a dozen countries emit 50 percent more nitrogen oxide than lab tests anticipate, according to a new study. The disparity...

ABC News says parked BMWs catching fire; BMW calls report ‘sensationalistic’

ABC News is reporting this morning on a series of cases in which it says BMWs spontaneously caught fire while parked. In a report the...

Safety paradox: More technology means more totaled cars

Cars today are bristling with new safety systems - technology meant to help you avoid a crash or survive it. But expanded use of...

NYT reports chronic national shortage of automotive mechanics

It didn't take The New York Times to tell us there's a shortage of automotive technicians. Ringing your car dealer to get an appointment...

Watch as flying ‘car’ from Silicon Valley soars over lake

You may have seen this morning's article in The New York Times about the Kitty Hawk, a flying machine that is shown here on...

Uber ‘Hell’ program reportedly tracked, targeted Lyft drivers

In its quest to ensure Lyft remains in second place, Uber reportedly ran a program that exploited a vulnerability in its rival's system. According...

Car insurance costs more in minority neighborhoods without higher risk

If you've long suspected you pay a different insurance rate than your neighbor in the next neighborhood - well, you're probably right. Especially if...

Report ranks top 10 players in the autonomy game

Like most anything else in the world of business in general or technology in particular, size, scale, deep pockets and alliances are going to...

Watch a Bugatti Chiron speedometer hit 218 mph

Driving reviews of the $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron supercar are starting to pop up - in fact, here's ours - and Richard Meaden, a...

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